The Clarity of Rain Clarity of Rain
August 2008, Green Lake, Wa – edited June 2015, Issaquah, WA

This is the kind of weather dreams are made of
Hovering with the unknown and possibility
The early morning air is still and thick and confused
A summer storm is brewing with my tea
I sit and watch the clouds invade and the blue sky moves to surrender

I confess, I don’t want it to, I don’t want it to change
The uncertainty of the moment is so much like my life
I cling to what I know
Fearing the change and asking for it in the same moment

The storm gates open releasing the tempest
Each raindrop finds purpose on the descent
And collides with the ground as if a kiss

In that moment all is well

A moment more and the moment has passed

I am certain of the rain, the clarity and growth it brings
As well as a reminder, the air is clearer after the rain

Life is clearer after the storms


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