The Love of Bird and Fish

~ a-short-romance from March 2013 ~ edited June 2015 ~
Once upon a time there was a beautiful little bird.
She loved to fly high in the air and soar over all the lands making friends and learning new things.
One day the little bird flew down and landed in a lonely tree.

Below the tree was a pond and in the pond was big fish.

He was a strong and handsome fish with silvery green scales.

The fish saw the bird and admired her feathers.
The bird saw the fish and admired his fins.

They spent a season watching one another swim and fly.

In all the sky the bird had never before found someone as interesting as the fish.

In all the sea the fish had never found someone as captivating as the bird.
They were Comrades. Companions. Confidantes.
As the days passed their friendship had depth like the sea.
Together they felt like they could reach the stars.
Then a season of sadness set in.
What they loved to do most they couldn’t share with who they loved most.
Bird could never swim with fish.
Fish could never fly with bird.
Their love was so loud it called to the Creator who found delight in their love.

Time passed, their love was constant, and sleep was given to them both.

When they awoke the Creator had used their love to transform them.
Now fish had wings and bird had gills!
Love summoned Divine delight and brought about impossible change.
Bird and Fish were the same and new.
Love and Delight.

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