Let the adventure begin… with a change of plans

Wander Lesson #1 = Be Flexible!running-away

The best made plans… sometimes just don’t work out.

I had all of my ducks in a row.

All the little details were taken care of. So I thought…

Then 2 hours before departure, my mode of transportation to Vancouver fell through. So I scrambled for an hour and then all of a sudden there were 9 things that still needed doing before I left! HOW did that happen?!

I am so thankful for good friends and family who smile and pray and help me along the way.

The time for decisions came and I bought a train ticket instead of driving and I have started my adventure by taking the Amtrak train to Vancouver, B.C. The train is running an hour late due to freight trains and bridges – which will put me at my hotel at 12:30 am… but considering I needed to stay up late to start adjusting to UK time (currently 9 hours ahead), I’m finding myself really enjoying the calm.

I HIGHLY recommend the train from Seattle to Vancouver. The ride along the coast is so beautiful, peaceful, and inspiring. Forgotten buildings, hidden coves, and farms that time hasn’t touched are just a few of the beauties the train had to offer.

…I am about to reach my destination!

From the train station I will take the SkyTram to my hotel. Wish me luck!

Pictures and details to come soon!


One comment

  1. Oh no! So glad to hear you made it there and unscathed! The train up is a slow meander but it’s fun 🙂 Have a fabulous flight and can’t wait for the next update!

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