“London: Underconstruction”

BEWARE London in Tourist Season

They need a poster in the airport that says “London: Underconstruction”

And another one that says BEWARE Tourists!!! EVERYWHERE!!!

(I make an exception for myself since even though I was rolling my bag, wearing a backpack, and doing ALL of the touristy things immediately – such as getting cash just so I can use the Loo in Victoria Station and get a coffee – you know the essentials.)


After figuring out which tube I needed to take and when I needed to be where, I paid my 50p and used the Loo (Public Restrooms) to freshen up and change my clothes, then I had to get away from the quickly awakening hub in Victoria Station.

I walked in the direction of the Apollo Theater – Home to London’s Broadway show of WICKED. (Which I HIGHLY recommend seeing. My sister and I saw it there 6 years ago. So great!) Just beyond the theatre, I found a street map and walked in the direction of Westminister Cathedral. 2 streets later the tourists had disappeared and I found a magical place – Upper Tachbrook Street. Go there! My first stop was a little Italian deli where an Italian man served me a beautiful cappuccino with cinnamon sprinkled on top.

I continued down the street to find there is a wonderful local market. I tasted the best falafel I have EVER had and bought fresh and inexpensive fruit for the next leg of my journey. I then spent the rest of my time wandering past the shops and market stands that were just setting up. Absolutely PERFECT way to refresh from travelling.


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