Driving in England is Madness!!!


In order to travel with 6 people for a week around England the most cost efficient way is to rent a car.

I listened the the sage wisdom of my fellow travelers and pre-booked an automatic. I knew that having the drivers side on the right whilst driving on the left AND with copious amounts of the strange and ridiculous convergence circles known as “roundabouts” – there would be MORE than enough for my mind to deal with.

HOWEVER, fate would choose to challenge, taunt, and save me money with this beauty. The dealer made a mistake and din’t have a 6 passenger automatic… however, they knocked the price down ALOT and offered me the most beautiful I’ve driven.Citroen CitroenThis beauty – the 7 passenger, Citroen La Grande
CitroenThe ONLY problem… it was a manual transmission.

5 days and 400 miles later – I am SO thankful for this car. Its spacious, comfortable, and the clutch moves as if in a dance.

That being said here are my 6 pieces of advice for driving in England.

1. GET THE GPS!!! We named ours “Victor” and he has lead us right thus far!

2. Try to breathe… the first 10 roundabouts are the WORST and you find yourself holding your breath.

3. Your left wrist is going to be sore. It is used to taking it easy so remember to rest.

4. Use your rear view mirror to see the middle line… it helps you from wandering off onto the shoulder.

5. People park on the road! For realsies. In the small villages of the Cotswolds and elsewhere, they just park. And the unwritten rule is the the car facing the parked vehicle has the right of way!

6. When you DO reach the lovely little villages and hamlets in places such as the Lake District and Cotswolds – BEWARE the roads REALLY do get SUPER tiny. The SMALLEST road I’ve driven on thus far was pushing 5 feet and just a smidgen wider than the vehicle.

Over-all the driving is getting better and all of the passengers are starting to relax as well!

More adventures to come! (The tiny road picture is on the way to Capernwray Hall in Carnforth and the sun dial can be found in the hall’s court yard!)



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