The Timeless Romance of Jack and Annie

I stumbled upon someone else’s romance…

As I was sorting through a box of vintage things this trinket fell into my hands.
It has my name on it so it must be for me…

When I laid it in the palm of my hand, a tingle of hope started from my heart and rolled out to my finger tips and down to my toes. I let myself linger over the careful inscription “May God keep you till we meet again” on one side and “From Jack to Annie” on the other.

Love unspoken… yet so obvious.
jacks heart

Maybe Jack and Annie were separated by war… or school… or death… or their families forbid the union between them.

Maybe they never found each other…


Maybe nothing could keep them apart – they married, had 4 children, 12 grandchildren and were ridiculously happy ~ fighting loud, forgiving fast, and loving long.

I choose the romantic.

This charm is their Ebenezer (The Stone of Help in 1 Samuel 7) always reminding them of the promise to trust God and trust the Love He had given them.

And in light of this possibility, my heart responds,
“Come find me, Jack… ever, your Annie”


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