My Fickle Relationship

Me this morning:

“Seriously?! Texting is not a substitute for real conversation! It’s a tool – the modern day telegraph. Going to the store. stop. Thinking of you stop. Movie on Friday? stop.” 

This statement was followed by more venting about the laziness of my generation! Our lack of personal communication has resulted in an insane proficiency to use “text speak” such as ‘LOL’ and ‘BRB’ with an emoji to express all emotion. We have brought acrostics to an impressive form of ambiguity where a term like “TTYL” can mean “I will use my voice to speak to you in person later today” or “I’ll text you another day so that you know we are still ‘friends'”.

TODAY: I forgot my phone!

To calm the panic my self -talk said, “Calm down self, I’m fine. You can totally text people from your work phone and let them know. Besides, you are still connected via social media, and all 5 email accounts, Skype, and IM.” 

I made it through the day, texting only slightly less than normal.

One of the first things I do when I get home after work: Delighted Outburst: “My Phone!!! This is the key to future relationships!” 

I’d say I have a fickle relationship… with my phone.

phone love


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