Far too often real, God given rest seems to be beyond our reach. Life is distracting and no amount of T.V., exercise, or ice cream will help. So here is my practical way of approaching rest.






In walking with Jesus, He wants us to REST. When life is full of worries, concerns, uncertainties, disappointments, or anything else that robs us of peace – where do you turn for rest?

Here is my practical personal exposition on REST =

Reason = Wisdom can be found, sometimes in surprising places. Read a book. Listen to a podcast. Phone a trustworthy friend. Go for a walk.

Experience = God has brought you through a lot of life situations. Maybe this one is entirely new, however, your past experience has prepared you… at least in small ways… to deal with whatever it is you are currently dealing with.

Scripture = OPEN YOUR BIBLE! Read it. Listen to it. Find comfort in the poetry and prose. Look for the experiences in the narrative. Jesus has given us amazing examples of people who failed big and managed to over come impossible situations. (Daniel, Manasseh, Mary, Joseph, Paul…) And while your reading – try a biography of someone who had the courage to share their faith journey!

Tradition = Look to what is special and why it is important… these milestones, holidays, rituals, and traditions have been put in place in order to continually remind us of God’s power, provision, and faithfulness in our lives. (The books of Deuteronomy Joshua, and Judges help show this if you want more.) I will expound on reclaiming holidays and traditions in a future blog, for now I leave you to ponder on your own.

(You should know… I stole this entire concept from Anglican and Wesleyan Theology – known as the “Evangelical Quadrangle”  – then I personalized it. Reason, Experience, Scripture, and Tradition is the foundational  platform for our church services, styles of worship, as well as, the spring board of our theological platforms.)

However, I want us to focus – this is about us taking Jesus’ promises literally. I believe it was Oswald Chambers who said something along the lines of “My life an act of Worship…” This is what real REST is – recognizing our need for Jesus in EVERY aspect of life and then believing He really cares.



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