World’s Best Sugar Cookies

I interrupt all of this life introspection to bring you something that WILL absolutely make your life better!

Brought to you from the Rothsay Minnesota Cook Book – The Best Cook Book EVER and seriously a life essential. 
Important notes:

Cream butter and sugars REALLY well. I use the special side scraping beater on my trusty Kitchen Aid mixer to ensure creamy perfection. It also helps if your butter is at room temperature.

Add 1st egg… Beat. Add 2nd egg… Beat. Add vegetable oil and vanilla… Yes. Beat till it’s beautifully mixed.

I highly recommend mixing all dry ingredients together – by hand, with a wooden spoon (yes, that matters. Why? Because I’m Norwegian. That’s why!). Turn mixer on 1 or 2 and add the dry ingredients just fast enough so that the flour mixture doesn’t fly out of the bowl. (I still get flour all over the counter.)

Depending upon the weather and elevation you may need to add 1/4-1/2 cup more flour. This you’ll just have to learn for yourself. Since I live in the Pacific Northwest just above sea level and I am usually making these in the winter… I add 1/3 cup more flower.

*Scrape sides, cover, and put in fridge for 1 hour.* I know you want the cookies now, but trust me, 1 hour is just enough time to clean up the mess you made, start laundry, and check Facebook.

1 hour later…

Having preheated your oven to 350 and gotten your baking sheet out. You are all set.

Roll – by hand – into 1″ balls. They can be a little bigger or smaller depending upon your preference.

*option roll the balls in sugar course or fine is fine

I prefer them unsugared because next comes the sugared glass squishing. (My favorite part!) Find a crystal-like glass with a decoratively imprinted bottom. Here is mine:

 See! This is the REAL reason for intricate glass designs.

Rub a little bit of butter on the bottom of the glass then dip the glass in the sugar and use the glass to make a beautiful imprint on your cookies. Dip the glass back in the sugar between cookie sheet.

Bake for. 9-12 min – depending upon your over. Do NOT over bake. They will look almost not done – but they are. Place either directly on serving plate for eating while they are hot or place on a cooling rack.

I recommend enjoying with friends and a good strong cup of coffee. World’s Best Sugar Cookies – Let me know what you think!


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