Why I Participate in Lent

In the Christian tradition we remember…

40 Days Jesus Christ wandered in the wilderness, preparing to start the season of Ministry. He was tempted and chose to be obedient.

The reason: Because of His love for you and me.

So I take these 40 days to do something that draws me closer to God. I use these days to give up bad habits and try to instill good ones. By taking even these small actions of personal disciplines, I am choosing to follow Jesus. Choosing obedience just as He did out in the wilderness.

For the season of Lent 2016:

I am taking on memorizing Bible verses… I am looking to the Book of Ephesians. We’ll see how much I can really put in my heart in 40 days.

I am giving up my caffeine dependency! *Important clarification: I will be having tea and coffee, but I will be drinking socially and as a treat rather than out of necessity. If you know me, I lean more towards a pot of coffee a day! The point: reminding myself that I only need to be dependent on Jesus.

What are YOU taking on or giving up for Lent?


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