Valentine’s Day: Obligation or Opportunity

Guilt, manipulation, obligation, duty, stress, consumerism, and a stupid invention of Hallmark and Cadbury; These are the words that I have often heard people associate with Valentine’s Day.  TIME Magazine understands how you feel and can give you an entertaining and brief history of the commercial side.

Fact: Selfish people impose a sense of material obligation on their significant others. (Seriously… stop catering to this.  Confront this kind of behavior as you would a 7 year old… or break up, it’s NOT going to work.)

Historical FACT: St. Valentine was a Martyr who died for His faith. The holiday (albeit with the help of capitalism and clever marketing) is actually meant to be a remembrance of his passion for justice, his love for God, and willingness to defy the emperor so that young love could marry.


This Holiday is a perfect opportunity to show people around you that you love them. Encourage them! Give cards that make people smile. Like these!


Give your Dad some candy and buy your Mom flowers. If you have a significant other – you hopefully know how to show them you appreciate them. You do this not because you HAVE to, but because you WANT to. February 14th is the perfect opportunity to SHOW love.


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