Online Dating Profile Pics: Good Ideas & Bad Ideas

*NOTE: I am not criticizing anyone in particular… I am offering advice based on my perusal of many profiles online and getting feedback and opinions from my friends. My hope is that this will actually help a few people put their best foot forward!

fat face selfie


For Your Dating Profile Pictures

In the App Dating World, your picture is your first “Hello” and your first “Handshake” – the pressure is on! Recently, I saw that there were 2,400+ people on an app at once. Statistically we are all attracted to 10% of the population! I would be attracted to 240 of them simply based on looks! (Yippee!) Just think – YOU are in someone’s 10%.

I’m here to help you make better choices when posting 1st impression.

Good Idea – Posting a photo of you in a cool location with a pretty background. (Examples of cool background: The outdoors, trees, mountains, reflective windows, etc.)urinal

Bad Idea – Posting a photo of you in your bathroom… or worse a public bathroom… WITH Urinal or Toilet in view. JUST DON’T DO IT! Even if the bathroom mirror is the best on in the house… find a friend to take your photo. Trust me, a blank wall is better than toilet back ground!

 “Urinals or toilets distract from your natural  attractiveness.”

~ Annie Mae

Good Idea – Pictures that You Like of Yourself – laughing, smiling, thinking… not photoshopped! The real you is beautiful! Be confident in the person God has made you to be.

snow white selfie

Bad Idea – “The Fat Face Photo” – EVERYONE is able to take this photo. Its the photo that makes our chins double up and our cheeks fall forward. Most common way to create this photo is to look down at your camera, or lean your head back into your shoulders. I send these to my siblings FOR FUN! However, they are just not attractive.

Good Idea  – Pictures with friends or family! This is especially important if you have kids because they are a huge part of who you are and will be a key part in a future relationship.

Bad Idea – Posting pictures that are obviously taken with your Ex… doesn’t matter how you have mange to cross out, blacked out, or cut out your ex. Just DON’T Do it!

If the pic contains any of the below just don’t POST it!!!

  • scantily clad pin-ups in the back ground
  • your prison cell
  • you in or on your bed
  • pics of you getting high or drunk
  • Police mug shots

I highly recommend getting friends to help you! Have fun and let those who love you help you put your best face forward!


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