Montreal – The Beautiful Frozen City

Montreal – The Beautiful Frozen City

The iced over St. Lawrence Seaway is enchanting and ominous. For the winter months, the beautiful, bustling, industrious, metropolitan city is clothed in white. Aged bronze rooftops, chimneys spouts, and architectural domes standout between the ancient buildings strategically preserved amidst the shiny glass and concrete sky rises. 

This is real COLD.

The locals seem to know how to navigate the labyrinth of underground malls so as to avoid the frigid open air as much as possible. The Tourists seem to think better than to visit in January. Many of the local shops agree with them and are only open May to September. Such as this lovey shop which sits on the corner over looking the seaway. Should you happen to stop by when it is open, please let me know how it was! 

Ice, snow, quiet, still… I love Montreal! The beautiful city mingled with history, tradition, and mystery unveiled in the Spring. 


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