WONDER WOMAN (2017) movie review

Possibly – one of my favorite reviews! LOVE THIS! ❤️

Splatter: on FILM

Daughter of the gods, Diana, born of clay and hope, has a bleeding heart for humanity and a savior complex from the get-go. Needing a mission, she’s finally empowered to leave when the fight comes to her in the shape of the self-proclaimed “above average” Chris Pine.
He’s a freedom fighter and a spy who inadvertently lands on the isle of Amazon women and finds a comrade at arms in Diana. It’s beautifully filmed and acted with Robin Wright training young Gal Gadot for battles. Dialogue strains in scenes, but excellent actors make even the smallest of roles memorable.
I believe DC will succeed in winning a broader audience with this film’s 13 rating, lighter nuanced tone, fresh-faced buzz, and killer action sequences. It’s a win.Each sequence makes sense. The pacing works. It’s fun from minute one. Yes, it is challenging to remove the feminist lens from a film…

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