Poland… the Beautiful, the Hospitable¬†


Our western history colors this land with sadness. Oppressive leadship and communist influence are the first impressions, at least from the American perspective.

However, happily, my business trip over 2 weeks and 3 cities is pulling back the shroud and educating me on a lively and colorful people who are hospitable and hard working. 

I think, it’s possible, the people here don’t mind the rest of the world thinking they are grey and have little to offer. When, in fact, they are thriving and the cities are pulsing with art, music, and industry. 

I predict this country won’t be hidden for much longer. There is too much happening for them to be ignored!


Honest, Necessary, Chocolate Chip Cookies

When life is a little more than I can handle… or I’m feeling “whelmed” (you know, neither under now or just… meh.)

Or as in this case, my co-worker does me a huge favor, so, as a thank you, I asked him what kind of cookies he wanted. His response, “Chocolate chip!”



I am MORE than happy to oblige.

I turn to my favorite, and most used, chocolate chip cookie recipe in the Rothsay Minnesota Cookbook. This book is a life essential for me… seriously HOW do you survive without one!? GO! Add it to your eBay search.

Your life will be better, happier, and when you are out marching, protesting, or scanning social media to see which of your friends need some cookies after hanging out at the airport late at night, or maybe they just need a reminder that TODAY has more than a few reasons to smile… not the LEAST of which is THIS cookie recipe… THEN… YOU TOO¬†can go to THIS RECIPE!!!


God bless you, Mrs. Harley Nord! You have made my life better.

*Note: My recipe change for you inter web viewers

Recipe Adjustments

  • 1/2 cup butter and 1/2 cup coconut oil instead of shortening
  • “No nuts” is ALWAYS an option… use more flour and chocolate chips or replace with another grain for flavor and texture.
  • Weather & elevation pending… you will need another 1/2 – 1 cup flour! (That is the science behind great baking.) My house is around 250 feet above see level and in the rainy Seattle winter I need around 3/4 to get the right consistency.

While the first batch is in the oven be sure to put the coffee on! Enjoy!





Seattle Summer Date #2 – Picnic on Alki

almondsPicture a beautiful summer evening (this will more likely be seen tomorrow!)

You’ve been at work for 8+ hours, standing or sitting at your desk staring at a computer screen, trying to meet deadlines, and dealing with the general ins and outs of your occupation.

Imagine the delight and surprise when your significant other texts and says, “Hey Hun, meet me at Trader Joe’s on your way home. We’re going on a picnic!” (Or some other grocery store that is convenient.) From there, select a picnic dinner and drive over to Alki Beach to enjoy the beauty and the sunset and the joy of just being together. alki_sunset


Time on purpose is key in making people feel important, because in TRUTH, we all make time for what is important to us.



Insights from the Cube #1 – The Power of Affirmation


We are adults and as adults we should understand that there is no reason for us to get high-fives and gold stars just because we sent an email to the right person by 3pm. There isn’t anyone at your place of employment who is going to pat you on the back because you finally understood what engineering was talking about when they referenced that one coding issue. (However, I actually am impressed when that happens.)

Those are lies!

We might know that affirmation isn’t coming in the form of raises, plus signs, or donuts. This doesn’t change the fact that we actually NEED affirmation in order to confirm the personal success along the way.

Do you realize the power you have as an individual to empower your colleagues to feel more successful?!

Yes, you! You may not have any ACTUAL power to change anything. You may not have any authority. But by simply saying, “Hey, nice job leading that call.” Or “Your email today had just the right words.” Or “Your report is in on time, well done!” You have just spoken life into your colleague’s otherwise dreary and unsatisfactory day.

Think about how much better you feel about a task when someone actually says, “Hey, thanks for doing that.” (Don’t get all sarcastic, thinking, “What? I was just doing my job.” Instead, take the encouragement.

Say, “Thank you.”

I dare you to try this on your next shift. Acknowledge someone’s small success and give out a gold star. But be careful, you might actually find yourself being sincere and interacting with people in a positive way! (Just wanted to warn you.)