Pacific Northwest Hobbit Life

  • Everyday begins and ends with a cup of tea.
  • Books from the last 2 centuries adorn shelves and surfaces around the house – The oldest and most beloved are kept on shelves with glass doors.
  • Food is enjoyed – preparation, serving, eating – makes the cleaning up worth it.
  • Dessert is delighted in for anything that can be called a special occasion.
  • Bird watching is a daily endeavor.
  • Watching the weather and discussing it is not small talk; it is an important facet of life.
  • Golden hour: right before sunset, when the trees dance in the last of the day’s sunshine, is meant to be openly admired – it is never the same.
  • An open or cast iron fireplace is a necessary part of life.
  • Music happens everyday.
  • This weekend we are planting the potatoes and tomatoes.
  • The Cat is appropriately named after British Pottery (Mine is Denby the Shire Cat).
  • Work boots are as necessary as bare feet on a sunny afternoon.
  • We work hard so that we can play hard and rest well.

You’ll have to stop by sometime and see for yourself… I really do live in the Shire.



15 Personal Facts

Why 15 facts??? Because a good friend sent me that facebook personal fact thing and 15 is half of 30. (Read on and you’ll find out why that is important. Also, tomorrow is the 15th and a very important day!)



1. I’m turning 30 tomorrow! (Hence the reason for 15 personal facts – because my birthday is on the 15th.)


2. I wake up everyday with joy – simply because Jesus loves me and I know it.


3. My siblings are the most creative people I know. (If you’ve met them, you know its true!)


4. I just started taking piano lessons!


5. I played roller hockey for 4 years.


6. My soon-to-be sister-in-law has named me “Honest Annie” for obvious reasons.


7. My favorite number is 73.


8. My first kiss was when I was about 7 because my friend and I wanted to know what it was like. She and I agreed that we would grow up to be good kissers 😉


9. I studied Christian Apologetics for a year at the Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics in Oxford, England.


10. I’ve been in love and had my heart broken… and my life is deeper and more beautiful for it.


11. I’ve been babysitting/nannying for 18 years.


12. I am ridiculously fond of my orange cat named after the british pottery, Denby.


13. I find four leaf clovers all the time.

14. I have insatiable curiosity – I never run out of questions.


15. I have more fun on the average day than most people I know… because my life is extraordinary!


Slow Down October!

I took a creativity break… I’m back! I have fresh thoughts for you.

i absolutely love Autumn, but its really alright if it takes its time. We’ve had buckets of rain already and our wood stove has barely gotten a break in the last 10 days. Until more exciting things – such as the best bronchitis remedy and my favorite pumpkin bread recipe – I send you this pic of my Cat, Denby.


If you are super excited about fall and want to be encouraged – go hang with my friend Arabelle! Also, check out her Blog – she is amazing and has 7 children! She is a rockstar.