Goodbye 2015

>Deferred Hope = God at workIsn’t it funny how day by day nothing changes, but when you look back, everything is different…

– C.S. Lewis

This has been more true for me in 2015 than any other year.

It began with passion, adventure, hope of love, and the Proverbs to guide me.

Corporate America hired me! Learning skills and paying bills took a prominent role for the year. God’s faithful provision in those 40 hours a week made it challenging to be content and disciplined every day (I am still working on this… maybe I always will).

I found Love like I have never known because I became an Aunt. With prayer and joy, we welcomed my nephew, Seph. The delight of our family heart.

I wandered the Oxford streets and English country side. Explored Cambridge and the Cotswalds where my heart began to dream again.

Hope deferred makes the heartsick; my “Say Anything” man dismissed me in Willoughby-like manner ( except with much better morals), leaving my Jo March self feeling shockingly like Marianne Dashwood. Heartache moved in and tried to setup house.

Momentary light affliction breeds contempt or gratitude; In His mercy my response was a humbled thankful heart.

The Psalms, Madeleine L’Engle, Catherine Marshall, and Kate DiCamillo have been working together to mend my heart, bringing tears, light, and laughter on this leg of the journey.

Stories end, hearts change, and the Word of the Lord endures.

Goodbye 2015, “I would not wish you back again.” ~ Yet another Jane Austinism.

Today, January 1, 2016, my heart is strong because my hope is built on nothing less than Jesus.


Seattle Summer Date #2 – Picnic on Alki

almondsPicture a beautiful summer evening (this will more likely be seen tomorrow!)

You’ve been at work for 8+ hours, standing or sitting at your desk staring at a computer screen, trying to meet deadlines, and dealing with the general ins and outs of your occupation.

Imagine the delight and surprise when your significant other texts and says, “Hey Hun, meet me at Trader Joe’s on your way home. We’re going on a picnic!” (Or some other grocery store that is convenient.) From there, select a picnic dinner and drive over to Alki Beach to enjoy the beauty and the sunset and the joy of just being together. alki_sunset


Time on purpose is key in making people feel important, because in TRUTH, we all make time for what is important to us.