Pacific Northwest Hobbit Life

  • Everyday begins and ends with a cup of tea.
  • Books from the last 2 centuries adorn shelves and surfaces around the house – The oldest and most beloved are kept on shelves with glass doors.
  • Food is enjoyed – preparation, serving, eating – makes the cleaning up worth it.
  • Dessert is delighted in for anything that can be called a special occasion.
  • Bird watching is a daily endeavor.
  • Watching the weather and discussing it is not small talk; it is an important facet of life.
  • Golden hour: right before sunset, when the trees dance in the last of the day’s sunshine, is meant to be openly admired – it is never the same.
  • An open or cast iron fireplace is a necessary part of life.
  • Music happens everyday.
  • This weekend we are planting the potatoes and tomatoes.
  • The Cat is appropriately named after British Pottery (Mine is Denby the Shire Cat).
  • Work boots are as necessary as bare feet on a sunny afternoon.
  • We work hard so that we can play hard and rest well.

You’ll have to stop by sometime and see for yourself… I really do live in the Shire.



Seattle Summer Date #6 = Get Lost in Literature

When was the last time you took your sweetheart to a book store?!

Grab a coffee, find 8 books from all different sections, and just sit together and read.

Occasionally show a picture, tell one of the interesting facts, or just enjoy the silent depth of love in the light of literature.


One of my favorite book store games is to give  2 minutes to run around the store and find fun, weird, and obscure books.

Then you have to present them to each other as if you are presenting the secrets of the universe. Guaranteed laughter! (Stifle the noise… you ARE in a bookstore.)

Above photo is Seattle’s amazing Elliot Bay Bookstore. Go get lost together.

Seattle Summer Date #5 = Record Player Romance

It has been unusually hot this summer.

Sometimes, we need to take a break and hide away… in a cool air conditioned room – preferably with great speakers!

Spend some time alone – just the two of you and your favorite LP’s (or musical equivalent).

record player romance

“Music produces a kind of pleasure which human nature cannot do without.”
― Confucius, The Book of Rites

Walt+Disney+-+The+Best+Of+DisneyWhat are your favorite records? Mine range from Disney stories to Polka to The Carpenters to Streisand to Cash… and many more yet to be discovered!

So grab the head phone splitter and those amazing giant head phones you still have in the closet and go enjoy yourselves! headphonesConfess your secret love for The Doors and how Mindy Smith still makes you cry!


To inspire you – here is this beauty from Cole Porter! Luvs!

Seattle Summer Date #4 = Ride the Ferry

This Date is made to appease the introvert AND the extrovert in your relationship. It has the potential for both adventure and solitude!

Seattle to Bainbridge Island

Seattle to Port Angeles

Seattle to Whidbey Island

or for a GRAND adventure Seattle, WA, USA to Victoria, B.C., Canada (This one uses the Clipper)

Seattle Ferries


It doesn’t really matter which trip you choose.

Riding the ferry is fun and romantic!

You can either just walk on and enjoy the ride, walk on and play at the beach on the other side, or choose to drive on and go exploring.

The ferry ride is inspirational and hopeful and beautiful, giving you a perspective of God’s Pacific Northwest handiwork that you normally don’t get to see.

Together, you feel like you are going far away, without actually going very far.


(Since I am an extrovert with chronic wanderlust, this date definitely wins points with my heart!)


Seattle Summer Date #3 = Snoqualmie: The Falls and The Lodge

Any season, any kind of weather – rain, shine, snow, and anytime of the day – this is one of my favorite dates!

Snoqualmie_Falls_in_June_2008 Snoqualmie Falls has always been and will continue to be magical. You don’t have to “hike” the leisure tourist trail to the bottom unless you feel so inclined, or want to splash around. The views are magnificent from each point.

When you are ready for a break, wander over to the Lodge.

The Salish Lodge is, of course, beautiful! However, it is definitely too spendy for my idea of a summer date. A Little Known Fact: The Lodge actually welcomes visitors, even just for an hour. A local secret is that they have a visitors lounge (pictured below) that always has tea and often cookies and board games for anyone to pop in and enjoy. Or for a secret overlook – grab a coke in the 2nd story bar and cafe which overlooks the falls. Sit and talk for hours or just enjoy the view!Salish Lodge Lounge




Seattle Summer Date #2 – Picnic on Alki

almondsPicture a beautiful summer evening (this will more likely be seen tomorrow!)

You’ve been at work for 8+ hours, standing or sitting at your desk staring at a computer screen, trying to meet deadlines, and dealing with the general ins and outs of your occupation.

Imagine the delight and surprise when your significant other texts and says, “Hey Hun, meet me at Trader Joe’s on your way home. We’re going on a picnic!” (Or some other grocery store that is convenient.) From there, select a picnic dinner and drive over to Alki Beach to enjoy the beauty and the sunset and the joy of just being together. alki_sunset


Time on purpose is key in making people feel important, because in TRUTH, we all make time for what is important to us.



Seattle Summer Dates #1= 7 Layer Chocolate Cake

You don’t have to have 5k in savings, 3 credit cards, and a passport to go on fabulous dates.

That gorgeous 7 layer chocolate cake from the previous post is every bit as good as it looks. It comes with the glass of milk.

Seattle’s Icon Grill icon-grill-seattle

I always feel like the mafia probably eats here. Delicious food, good service, and crazy decor. The ambiance promotes 1920’s romance which definitely attracts the Steam Punk couple inevitably scheming in the dark corner.

AFFORDABLE! Cake + 2 coffees + tip = Awesome date for $20!

This fabulous restaurant is just around the corner from the famous Cinerama.  If you want to make it a big night out – go for a movie too!

So the next time you feel like being fancy, having fun, and doing something out of the norm, you know where to go.

LOVE – Something we do on purpose

My blog’s motto, if you will, is

“The vicious rhetoric from a truthful blonde on Life, Love, and Literature”

I have spent a majority of my blog writing about Life and Literature. So now, I will spend a few posts devoted to Love and Romance. I’m sure that I know an aweful lot, having grown up on romantic, albeit historical, fiction – knocking out ALL of Jane Austen, Francine Rivers, and Elizabeth Elliot before the age of 22. (Well… almost all of them.)

As is the course of Love and Romance, I have been properly loved and woo’ed with presents and chocolates and flowers – AND – I have been “properly jilted” (as Mr. Bennett would say), being left to cry my heart out in a Starbucks parking lot when Mr. Right decided I was Miss Wrong.

I divulged this information simply to give myself some street cred for what I’m about to tell you.

stick figureRelationships.

Fact #1: God made us for them. First to be in relationship with Him and second to be in relationship with one another.

Fact #2: Friendships of any form are an investment. We develop, build, grow or whatever-edifyingly-figurative term you’d like to use – on purpose! Accidental relationships don’t really happen.

I just read, “Love finds a way to express itself.”

So to help and encourage you to invest and express love in your relationships, my next few posts will be practical dates and romantic notions specific to Seattlites –

I title this section – My Favorite Summer Date Ideas

Hint – My next post I’ll tell you where you can get this – Icon Grill Cake



Why I’m glad I took my church kids to see the movie NOAH

My goal was to get the youth in my church to step out into the culture we live in AND be inquisitive thinkers.


The Incentive: Read Genesis 6,7, & 8 before the movie and you got $5 towards your ticket.

1/2 of my Group did this 🙂   …Success right there. 1/2 of my Sunday School kids actually engaged with Bible outside of church!


Questions they had to keep in mind while watching the movie –

How is God portrayed portrayed in the story?

How is the Bible as the Word of God portrayed?

2 & 1/2 hrs later and alot of popcorn…


We had a brief discussion after the movie  –

What was something in the movie that was like the story in the Bible?

– An 11 year old boy said, “The dude’s name was ‘Noah’! and the Pastor chimed in with, “There was a flood.”

Other than those 2 humorous and true statement, not much else is “Biblical”. However, this was not surprising to us because Darren Arinofsky is a well known humanist.  He wrote, produced, and directed this story of Noah. With that in mind it shouldn’t surprise anyone that it is a story inspired by the Bible!

– We all agreed that the overall theme of our need for God to redeem us was clear. WE – aLL of us – are sinners and only God, the “Creator” as He is always referred to in the film, can forgive us.


What was something they liked about it? What was an element of creativity that could be but we don’t know for sure?

Unanimous decision – “Rock Monsters”


Some things we agreed were important to make note of –

1 – We don’t know very much about the man, Noah. We do know that he was righteous and obedient to God and WANTED people to come on the ark. Noah of the Bible would never try to kill his family or keep people out of the ark.

2 – GOD closed the door of the ark.

3 – Shem, Ham, and Japheth all had wives!!! (This would have saved much of the turmoil and unnecessarily awkward and yucky 2nd half of the film.)


Keep these thoughts and go… or don’t.

Just don’t go expecting the Bible to leap off the screen in digital technicolor.

Maybe listen to the New York Times ad below… Read the story for yourself!