WONDER WOMAN (2017) movie review

Possibly – one of my favorite reviews! LOVE THIS! ❤️

Splatter: on FILM

Daughter of the gods, Diana, born of clay and hope, has a bleeding heart for humanity and a savior complex from the get-go. Needing a mission, she’s finally empowered to leave when the fight comes to her in the shape of the self-proclaimed “above average” Chris Pine.
He’s a freedom fighter and a spy who inadvertently lands on the isle of Amazon women and finds a comrade at arms in Diana. It’s beautifully filmed and acted with Robin Wright training young Gal Gadot for battles. Dialogue strains in scenes, but excellent actors make even the smallest of roles memorable.
I believe DC will succeed in winning a broader audience with this film’s 13 rating, lighter nuanced tone, fresh-faced buzz, and killer action sequences. It’s a win.Each sequence makes sense. The pacing works. It’s fun from minute one. Yes, it is challenging to remove the feminist lens from a film…

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Honest, Necessary, Chocolate Chip Cookies

When life is a little more than I can handle… or I’m feeling “whelmed” (you know, neither under now or just… meh.)

Or as in this case, my co-worker does me a huge favor, so, as a thank you, I asked him what kind of cookies he wanted. His response, “Chocolate chip!”



I am MORE than happy to oblige.

I turn to my favorite, and most used, chocolate chip cookie recipe in the Rothsay Minnesota Cookbook. This book is a life essential for me… seriously HOW do you survive without one!? GO! Add it to your eBay search.

Your life will be better, happier, and when you are out marching, protesting, or scanning social media to see which of your friends need some cookies after hanging out at the airport late at night, or maybe they just need a reminder that TODAY has more than a few reasons to smile… not the LEAST of which is THIS cookie recipe… THEN… YOU TOO can go to THIS RECIPE!!!


God bless you, Mrs. Harley Nord! You have made my life better.

*Note: My recipe change for you inter web viewers

Recipe Adjustments

  • 1/2 cup butter and 1/2 cup coconut oil instead of shortening
  • “No nuts” is ALWAYS an option… use more flour and chocolate chips or replace with another grain for flavor and texture.
  • Weather & elevation pending… you will need another 1/2 – 1 cup flour! (That is the science behind great baking.) My house is around 250 feet above see level and in the rainy Seattle winter I need around 3/4 to get the right consistency.

While the first batch is in the oven be sure to put the coffee on! Enjoy!





Montreal – The Beautiful Frozen City

Montreal – The Beautiful Frozen City

The iced over St. Lawrence Seaway is enchanting and ominous. For the winter months, the beautiful, bustling, industrious, metropolitan city is clothed in white. Aged bronze rooftops, chimneys spouts, and architectural domes standout between the ancient buildings strategically preserved amidst the shiny glass and concrete sky rises. 

This is real COLD.

The locals seem to know how to navigate the labyrinth of underground malls so as to avoid the frigid open air as much as possible. The Tourists seem to think better than to visit in January. Many of the local shops agree with them and are only open May to September. Such as this lovey shop which sits on the corner over looking the seaway. Should you happen to stop by when it is open, please let me know how it was! 

Ice, snow, quiet, still… I love Montreal! The beautiful city mingled with history, tradition, and mystery unveiled in the Spring. 


Some people may have a tendency to look down upon those of us with the aforementioned condition.

They may think wanderlust is the cause of instability, lack of commitment, and flighty-ness in the individual. Although there is some evidence for this, but what if it actually is a reflection of our Maker? Part of our beautiful nature which God has impressed upon us and it is ours to discover? 

My heart stirs to explore, discover, and understand the works of our Lord from different perspectives. 

This is what wanderlust means to me.

Answered Prayers… My Prayer Box Part 2

Denby the Shire Cat was curled up on his blue fleece blanket. Pandora was streaming just the right music. A small candle cast a lovely glow across my vintage sowing machine desk. My space was set with a perfectly warm and pensive mood. With tea in hand, I began to read.

One by one…

I read and reflected.

Hundreds of little prayers written on 2 inch slips of paper.

Folded, dated, and oft forgotten.

The year from my heart unfolded in front of me… heartache, tragedy, death, and loneliness was balanced by the joys and delights of healing, forgiveness, strength, patience, provisions, and much more!

I was AMAZED at how much God cares for the little things in life. I prayed: big and small, asking for provision for someone, healing for another, encouragement there, conviction here… and God answered! His gifts of peace, healing, work, encouragement, inspiration, and hope. The answers came in ways I I couldn’t have thought of filled up and filled the calendar in front of me. In His Mercy, things often didn’t go the way I would’ve chosen… for His Glory and my good. Sometimes, He said a straight up, “No. That is not the road I’m taking you.” In a several situations, it was months later that I was shown a hint of why the Lord chose certain things.

This made me stronger.

Not every prayer was answered. For many of those, I don’t know if I’ll ever know how a situation resolved, but many of them I added the date and dropped back in the box, knowing that those situations are still on my heart and I am excited to see how and when God will answer them.

He took my pain, loneliness, and concerns and gave me hope, peace, and direction. Throughout this time of reflection my faith was watered and bloomed! I wait with renewed hope and anticipation over all that He is going to do this next year… I might even need a bigger box!

May Jesus show you His handiwork in, through, and around you!

Thank you for joining me on this journey.

Happy New Year!

Grapes, grapes, and God’s Grace!

I think I have a small idea of why the Lord uses grapes in so many analogies in the Bible…

Because WHEN grapes come… they come in abundance! We have so many grapes, there is no way we will be able to eat them all. I picked 20 pounds to take to church to share with my friends and there is easily 20 more pounds left on the vine! This is from 1 grapevine!!!

This is the picture of God’s extravagant love for us! 

Today, I am so thankful for my Shire Life.

May the Lord remind YOU of His great love for you in some abundant way. Maybe it will be grapes!? Maybe pumpkins… only God knows! 

God made dirt

And dirt… Is incredibly good for the soul!

Shire life means being a good steward of all that God has given us. I have more apples than time and my tomatillo plants have bushed out and fallen over onto my squash. It’s a beautiful problem. I spent half the morning pulling weeds and coaxing tomatoes back into their cages. 

Productive. Quiet. Fresh. Focused. Me, God, dirt, and Denby the Shire Cat. 

If you have yet this season… Go get some dirt under your nails. Pick some berries. Hunt for potatoes. It’s amazing the perspective one can find in a little but of dirt. 

Why I Participate in Lent

In the Christian tradition we remember…

40 Days Jesus Christ wandered in the wilderness, preparing to start the season of Ministry. He was tempted and chose to be obedient.

The reason: Because of His love for you and me.

So I take these 40 days to do something that draws me closer to God. I use these days to give up bad habits and try to instill good ones. By taking even these small actions of personal disciplines, I am choosing to follow Jesus. Choosing obedience just as He did out in the wilderness.

For the season of Lent 2016:

I am taking on memorizing Bible verses… I am looking to the Book of Ephesians. We’ll see how much I can really put in my heart in 40 days.

I am giving up my caffeine dependency! *Important clarification: I will be having tea and coffee, but I will be drinking socially and as a treat rather than out of necessity. If you know me, I lean more towards a pot of coffee a day! The point: reminding myself that I only need to be dependent on Jesus.

What are YOU taking on or giving up for Lent?