Some people may have a tendency to look down upon those of us with the aforementioned condition.

They may think wanderlust is the cause of instability, lack of commitment, and flighty-ness in the individual. Although there is some evidence for this, but what if it actually is a reflection of our Maker? Part of our beautiful nature which God has impressed upon us and it is ours to discover? 

My heart stirs to explore, discover, and understand the works of our Lord from different perspectives. 

This is what wanderlust means to me.


Oxford Never Gets Old

Ancient spires holding centuries of wisdom and knowledge with dusty books and growing ideas…
IMG_1537Faith, science, and reason take walks together in the proudly manicured parks and quads – benefitting from the perspective of each other.


It forever will be a place for dreams to come true. Where time stands still and magic is realized in stone, bronze, and ink.

We shall meet again… I can feel it! 

And of course the little Hobbit size places just right for someone such as myself!


P.s. It doesn’t GET old – it is always old… and always NEW at the same time!

Driving in England is Madness!!!


In order to travel with 6 people for a week around England the most cost efficient way is to rent a car.

I listened the the sage wisdom of my fellow travelers and pre-booked an automatic. I knew that having the drivers side on the right whilst driving on the left AND with copious amounts of the strange and ridiculous convergence circles known as “roundabouts” – there would be MORE than enough for my mind to deal with.

HOWEVER, fate would choose to challenge, taunt, and save me money with this beauty. The dealer made a mistake and din’t have a 6 passenger automatic… however, they knocked the price down ALOT and offered me the most beautiful I’ve driven.Citroen CitroenThis beauty – the 7 passenger, Citroen La Grande
CitroenThe ONLY problem… it was a manual transmission.

5 days and 400 miles later – I am SO thankful for this car. Its spacious, comfortable, and the clutch moves as if in a dance.

That being said here are my 6 pieces of advice for driving in England.

1. GET THE GPS!!! We named ours “Victor” and he has lead us right thus far!

2. Try to breathe… the first 10 roundabouts are the WORST and you find yourself holding your breath.

3. Your left wrist is going to be sore. It is used to taking it easy so remember to rest.

4. Use your rear view mirror to see the middle line… it helps you from wandering off onto the shoulder.

5. People park on the road! For realsies. In the small villages of the Cotswolds and elsewhere, they just park. And the unwritten rule is the the car facing the parked vehicle has the right of way!

6. When you DO reach the lovely little villages and hamlets in places such as the Lake District and Cotswolds – BEWARE the roads REALLY do get SUPER tiny. The SMALLEST road I’ve driven on thus far was pushing 5 feet and just a smidgen wider than the vehicle.

Over-all the driving is getting better and all of the passengers are starting to relax as well!

More adventures to come! (The tiny road picture is on the way to Capernwray Hall in Carnforth and the sun dial can be found in the hall’s court yard!)


Seattle Summer Date #4 = Ride the Ferry

This Date is made to appease the introvert AND the extrovert in your relationship. It has the potential for both adventure and solitude!

Seattle to Bainbridge Island

Seattle to Port Angeles

Seattle to Whidbey Island

or for a GRAND adventure Seattle, WA, USA to Victoria, B.C., Canada (This one uses the Clipper)

Seattle Ferries


It doesn’t really matter which trip you choose.

Riding the ferry is fun and romantic!

You can either just walk on and enjoy the ride, walk on and play at the beach on the other side, or choose to drive on and go exploring.

The ferry ride is inspirational and hopeful and beautiful, giving you a perspective of God’s Pacific Northwest handiwork that you normally don’t get to see.

Together, you feel like you are going far away, without actually going very far.


(Since I am an extrovert with chronic wanderlust, this date definitely wins points with my heart!)


Unplanned and Unexpected Adventures

Just when I think… maybe… I could learn to be still for a while

Settle into some sort of rhythm…

Pursuing a contented sort of monotony – Opportunity Knocks – and I jump!

Unplanned and Unexpected Adventure calls my name – ANNIE –

3,000 Miles Later

God moves in surprising and exciting ways! And it is ever so exciting when I get to tag along for the ride.


On the train to Virginia, I passed the George Washington MemorialI woke up this morning to remember at the Arlington National Cemetery


Every day has been a reminder of God’s amazing Grace working through normal people who do GREAT things.


I am truly blessed – as my contended smile beams with delight at seeing a real Gutenberg Bible in the Library of Congress – opened up to Ruth 1.


My life is an adventure… and you are a part of the story.


The Grand Adventures

In my young and relative experience, being more than some and less than others, I present a  life observation ~

We all long for grand adventure.Image

Have you ever noticed that sometimes the biggest adventures come about just because you got up and went about the task of living today?

So get up. Get dressed. Go to work. Go to school. Walk down the road.
Today is an adventure waiting to happen.

“To live is an awfully big adventure.”~ Peter Pan (‘Hook’)