Answered Prayers… My Prayer Box Part 2

Denby the Shire Cat was curled up on his blue fleece blanket. Pandora was streaming just the right music. A small candle cast a lovely glow across my vintage sowing machine desk. My space was set with a perfectly warm and pensive mood. With tea in hand, I began to read.

One by one…

I read and reflected.

Hundreds of little prayers written on 2 inch slips of paper.

Folded, dated, and oft forgotten.

The year from my heart unfolded in front of me… heartache, tragedy, death, and loneliness was balanced by the joys and delights of healing, forgiveness, strength, patience, provisions, and much more!

I was AMAZED at how much God cares for the little things in life. I prayed: big and small, asking for provision for someone, healing for another, encouragement there, conviction here… and God answered! His gifts of peace, healing, work, encouragement, inspiration, and hope. The answers came in ways I I couldn’t have thought of filled up and filled the calendar in front of me. In His Mercy, things often didn’t go the way I would’ve chosen… for His Glory and my good. Sometimes, He said a straight up, “No. That is not the road I’m taking you.” In a several situations, it was months later that I was shown a hint of why the Lord chose certain things.

This made me stronger.

Not every prayer was answered. For many of those, I don’t know if I’ll ever know how a situation resolved, but many of them I added the date and dropped back in the box, knowing that those situations are still on my heart and I am excited to see how and when God will answer them.

He took my pain, loneliness, and concerns and gave me hope, peace, and direction. Throughout this time of reflection my faith was watered and bloomed! I wait with renewed hope and anticipation over all that He is going to do this next year… I might even need a bigger box!

May Jesus show you His handiwork in, through, and around you!

Thank you for joining me on this journey.

Happy New Year!


“Single” Minded & the Red Ring of Death

I am 29. I am single.  I like jewelry. I like playing video games. I know God answers prayer. I also know that life is funny.

Now that we’ve set those things straight – this story will make more sense. Being who I am, I don’t mind asking the Lord for very specific things.

I occasionally have asked the Lord for a ring… admittedly while sneaking glances at sparkly objects under glass or hearing those annoying commercials from E.E Robbins and Shane Jeweler – that are just reminding me that I don’t have a significant other who is going to buy me jewelry. So I ask, “Dear Lord, at your convenience, I wouldn’t mind having a ring.”


In my boxed in thinking, I thought I could sneak in an attachment to the requested object – I assumed that a clever and hansom Christian man would come along with said ring.

This is where I do believe Psalm 2:4 comes into play, “God sits in the heavens and laughs.” I believe very lovingly and fairly often at me.

Having just started working in the gaming industry, I thought that acquiring an XBox 360 would be good fun, as well as add to my allure. (I hope you’re starting to chuckle.)

I found a used XBox on Craigslist!! $$ Woohoo…

It worked great – for a week – and then my prayer was answered and I received, very straightforwardly, the “object” of my desire – with no attachments.

Yesterday, my XBox gave me this… A Red RING!


It is the “Voldemort” of gaming known notoriously as the “red RING of death.”

I will fix it – thanks to this online tutorial. (I’ll let you know how that goes.)

In the mean time – the moral of this story:

Don’t try to sneak attachments onto your prayers – God knows exactly what you’re asking for!

– AND  –

Electronics do NOT make you more attractive. If you’re going to buy a gaming system – get it because you want to play games, for fun!