One Weed at a Time

Dusk came.
The reddish sun had already retired, But I still had light for a good 15 min.
Anyone with a garden knows that every little bit helps.

So I grabbed my gloves and a bucket – prepared for hand to leaf combat with the little invaders creeping up under my tomatoes.

It's amazing how something so simple can be so satisfying. With every weed I threw in my bucket another burden rolled off my shoulders. As Prayers bubbled up and spilled out of me as I cleaned the beds of our small garden, so too the Master Gardener pulls the "weeds" from my heart.

This week. That conversation. Her heart. His pain. My hope. Their safety. Will I? Can they? How can we? But what if…!?

Deep breath. Exhale.

The sweet smells of summer..
Warm dirt.
Tomato leaves.
Blackberry breeze.

Deep breath. Exhale.

My bucket is full.
And my burdens are easy.

There are still some weeds.
I still have some burdens.
But with the weeds away the plants can focus on their purpose! To grow and thrive and be beautiful and be fruitful.

My own weeds have been traded in for thankfulness.

My bucket is full.


Answered Prayers… My Prayer Box Part 2

Denby the Shire Cat was curled up on his blue fleece blanket. Pandora was streaming just the right music. A small candle cast a lovely glow across my vintage sowing machine desk. My space was set with a perfectly warm and pensive mood. With tea in hand, I began to read.

One by one…

I read and reflected.

Hundreds of little prayers written on 2 inch slips of paper.

Folded, dated, and oft forgotten.

The year from my heart unfolded in front of me… heartache, tragedy, death, and loneliness was balanced by the joys and delights of healing, forgiveness, strength, patience, provisions, and much more!

I was AMAZED at how much God cares for the little things in life. I prayed: big and small, asking for provision for someone, healing for another, encouragement there, conviction here… and God answered! His gifts of peace, healing, work, encouragement, inspiration, and hope. The answers came in ways I I couldn’t have thought of filled up and filled the calendar in front of me. In His Mercy, things often didn’t go the way I would’ve chosen… for His Glory and my good. Sometimes, He said a straight up, “No. That is not the road I’m taking you.” In a several situations, it was months later that I was shown a hint of why the Lord chose certain things.

This made me stronger.

Not every prayer was answered. For many of those, I don’t know if I’ll ever know how a situation resolved, but many of them I added the date and dropped back in the box, knowing that those situations are still on my heart and I am excited to see how and when God will answer them.

He took my pain, loneliness, and concerns and gave me hope, peace, and direction. Throughout this time of reflection my faith was watered and bloomed! I wait with renewed hope and anticipation over all that He is going to do this next year… I might even need a bigger box!

May Jesus show you His handiwork in, through, and around you!

Thank you for joining me on this journey.

Happy New Year!

My Prayer Box

I have a box standing ready at all hours of the day or night… waiting to receive.

It is my Divine Post Office. Several times a week throughout 2016, I would stop by and drop in prayers. Sometimes with tears and a troubled spirit, I would struggle to write the little prayer on the scrap of paper. Other times with joy and delight, I would drop by to post a note of thanks or celebration. 

Whenever my heart was overwhelmed or overjoyed, I came knowing the Lord would be listening. With determination and trust, I would date and drop the little paper into the box, slip the latch in place, and be on my way, more often than not lighter and strengthened to face the trials and triumphs of the day. 

Between today and tomorrow, I get to go back and read through the full box of papers and reflect on all that God has done with my heart and life. 

I’ll let you know how it goes…

Irritating Pearls

According to Google –

“In order to protect itself from irritation, the oyster will quickly begin covering the uninvited visitor with layers of nacre — the mineral substance that fashions the mollusk’s shells. Layer upon layer of nacre, also known as mother-of-pearl, coat the grain of sand until the iridescent gem is formed.”

So we too should accept the “irritations” and life’s challenges, cover them in prayer – learn from them and see them for what they really are. Continue to cover them in prayer trusting that God has given you the strength to continue on.

Watch… wait… pray… trust… we will see our irritations turned into “pearls” – treasures that make this life even more beautiful.


IMG_5105*Thank you, Allie, for inspiring me today! 

The Deep Place… where God lives

A wonderful British woman named Jill Briscoe taught me (along with the rest of the radio listeners) about the deep place, where only God lives… and tonight I listened.

I sat down on the doorstep of my heart and thought about listening.

I thought about how full my heart was… the Lord has given me so much to fill it with… and then I try to shove alot of other things on top of it! With that thought came a tumult of cares and people and situations – most of which are out of my control. It was so loud that I finally burst into tears. When the tears stopped I sat in the silent loneliness of the moment.
On the doorstep of my heart, there is a loneliness that hangs about, like summer sunshine without any breeze – the air can get stale.

Just as I thought about leaving, I remembered – I am not alone.

“Where is Jesus? I know that He lives here.”

That was when I noticed the watering can sitting beside the garden of my heart… a twinge of guilt stung my heart, but with it awoke a desire even stronger. So strong, I had to act on it. Jesus loves to garden and He lets me help.

The watering can was full and I knew He wanted me to water the flowers of my heart.
The weeds were trying to steal the nutrients from the good seeds.
As I took up the can a delicious breeze kissed my cheek, so gently that if I hadn’t been about the Gardner’s work I would’ve missed it.

I heard Him somewhere in my heart, whistling while He sorted through a box of broken hopes and secret dreams… He know to keep and what to throw out.

I was anxious to get down to business, and see everything come to right, but sorting through the dust and disarray of love and hurt in life takes time.

He has given me a task and I need to do it.

So today, I water the garden of my heart with His living water and leave the heavy-hearted cleaning to the Lord.


Power & Prayer & Priorities

I observe…
We seem to undermine
the Power of Prayer
with a guise of practicality and the excuse of self-sufficiency.
Then, we claim we don’t have time to listen to God
because we are lost in the overwhelming noise of busy-ness
made by the constant pursuit of success and happiness.
Don’t let the opportunity pass you by.
Take time TODAY
Seek the Lord found by the power of Prayer
And listen… He won’t let life pass you by
Because LIFE* starts with Jesus.
He doesn’t want you to miss Life.
God will slow things down so you can learn to see what is really important.
*John 14