In Death, Heroes Inspire: In Memory of Nabeel Qureshi

“Heroes aren’t supposed to die!” My heart yells in the deep place where only God sees. Death from this life is certain… cancer doesn’t play favorites… and yet heroes are supposed to be victorious… right?

My little girl self still believe this. I can’t help but hope that light will always overcome darkness, that wrongs will always be righted, and the hero will defeat the evil. Perhaps because in my child-like faith, I know there is eternal victory, death has no power over me… and yet… the living still suffer the heartache of being here without those who have gone on ahead.

At just 34 years old, Nabeel Qureshi, had become one of my heroes because he wasn’t afraid of questions. Sounds simple, I know. But really and truly, he asked questions and sought the truth, even when all he had known and been brought up to believe was challenged. I admire his courage to face the possibility that what he thought he knew could be wrong. His passion to understand and pursuit of truth came at great personal cost. In heroic fashion he lovingly and kindly opened doors whenever he could in order to let the of truth light in so others could see for themselves.

My sister teaches the hero journey through story and film. Her method is brilliant and she probably doesn’t realize I’ve been listening to her, and I finally understand. Heroes sacrifice themselves to rescue the people they love. In death, heroes inspire us to live well. I don’t like it… but we need it.

I know that Nabeel is with Jesus. In his death, he inspires me and many others to not just live well, but to love greatly.


My question to you: who are your heroes?

If you are having trouble naming any, perhaps its time you let someone like Nabeel inspire you to let some light in so that you can see things for yourself.

Be brave, dear ones. We need more heroes and you never whose hero you may become.

*If you would like to know more about Nabeel, read his story “Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus“. He reads it himself in the audiobook.
For more information visit Ravi Zacharias Internation Ministry site or read the brief bio with a link to one of his final vlogs at Christianity Today.

Never Stop Exploring


I’ve heard it said that there is nothing left to discover… I disagree.

Every day holds something new to me.
Have I met you? Have you heard my story? Can I see what you see? Would I ever grow tired of seeing Mt. Rainier? Have you seen her sleeping head with white hair dazzling over purple peaks? Does the ancient brilliance of Oxford ever lose its radiant brilliance? Does the wild fragrance of plumeria in Oahu heighten your sense romance? Is the golden maple syrup in Quebec richer than Vermont’s?

I am free to ask the questions these questions. I celebrate God’s gift of freedom by pursuing with passion daily new delights. I will never stop exploring.

What delights you today?

Why I’m glad I took my church kids to see the movie NOAH

My goal was to get the youth in my church to step out into the culture we live in AND be inquisitive thinkers.


The Incentive: Read Genesis 6,7, & 8 before the movie and you got $5 towards your ticket.

1/2 of my Group did this 🙂   …Success right there. 1/2 of my Sunday School kids actually engaged with Bible outside of church!


Questions they had to keep in mind while watching the movie –

How is God portrayed portrayed in the story?

How is the Bible as the Word of God portrayed?

2 & 1/2 hrs later and alot of popcorn…


We had a brief discussion after the movie  –

What was something in the movie that was like the story in the Bible?

– An 11 year old boy said, “The dude’s name was ‘Noah’! and the Pastor chimed in with, “There was a flood.”

Other than those 2 humorous and true statement, not much else is “Biblical”. However, this was not surprising to us because Darren Arinofsky is a well known humanist.  He wrote, produced, and directed this story of Noah. With that in mind it shouldn’t surprise anyone that it is a story inspired by the Bible!

– We all agreed that the overall theme of our need for God to redeem us was clear. WE – aLL of us – are sinners and only God, the “Creator” as He is always referred to in the film, can forgive us.


What was something they liked about it? What was an element of creativity that could be but we don’t know for sure?

Unanimous decision – “Rock Monsters”


Some things we agreed were important to make note of –

1 – We don’t know very much about the man, Noah. We do know that he was righteous and obedient to God and WANTED people to come on the ark. Noah of the Bible would never try to kill his family or keep people out of the ark.

2 – GOD closed the door of the ark.

3 – Shem, Ham, and Japheth all had wives!!! (This would have saved much of the turmoil and unnecessarily awkward and yucky 2nd half of the film.)


Keep these thoughts and go… or don’t.

Just don’t go expecting the Bible to leap off the screen in digital technicolor.

Maybe listen to the New York Times ad below… Read the story for yourself!




2013 Happy New Year

2013 looms bright & uncertain… will the Phoenecians predict the world’s demise? Will zombies be overshadowed by a new obsession for TazmanianDevils who Morph into teen heart throbs? Will people realize that on the other side of the fiscal cliff is a life raft called ‘sweat’ & ‘perseverence’? …good things God is good! 🙂