In Death, Heroes Inspire: In Memory of Nabeel Qureshi

“Heroes aren’t supposed to die!” My heart yells in the deep place where only God sees. Death from this life is certain… cancer doesn’t play favorites… and yet heroes are supposed to be victorious… right?

My little girl self still believe this. I can’t help but hope that light will always overcome darkness, that wrongs will always be righted, and the hero will defeat the evil. Perhaps because in my child-like faith, I know there is eternal victory, death has no power over me… and yet… the living still suffer the heartache of being here without those who have gone on ahead.

At just 34 years old, Nabeel Qureshi, had become one of my heroes because he wasn’t afraid of questions. Sounds simple, I know. But really and truly, he asked questions and sought the truth, even when all he had known and been brought up to believe was challenged. I admire his courage to face the possibility that what he thought he knew could be wrong. His passion to understand and pursuit of truth came at great personal cost. In heroic fashion he lovingly and kindly opened doors whenever he could in order to let the of truth light in so others could see for themselves.

My sister teaches the hero journey through story and film. Her method is brilliant and she probably doesn’t realize I’ve been listening to her, and I finally understand. Heroes sacrifice themselves to rescue the people they love. In death, heroes inspire us to live well. I don’t like it… but we need it.

I know that Nabeel is with Jesus. In his death, he inspires me and many others to not just live well, but to love greatly.


My question to you: who are your heroes?

If you are having trouble naming any, perhaps its time you let someone like Nabeel inspire you to let some light in so that you can see things for yourself.

Be brave, dear ones. We need more heroes and you never whose hero you may become.

*If you would like to know more about Nabeel, read his story “Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus“. He reads it himself in the audiobook.
For more information visit Ravi Zacharias Internation Ministry site or read the brief bio with a link to one of his final vlogs at Christianity Today.

Portland “Vacation” = Mission Trip to the University

WHERE = Portland State University

Trip’s Mission = to encourage students to ask the BIG questions and to dialogue with them about the Truth of Jesus

WHO = RZIM + CRU + Ratio Christi + Intervarsity Christian Fellows

Here is the schedule for the week = PDX Mission Week

Please pray for our team: Health, Wisdom, Unity

As I begin day 2 of Mission week, I am so excited to get to be apart of this endeavor. The team the Lord has brought together is a fascinating and diverse group of people from all over the world. They have already shown themselves to be kind and courageous.

Also, The Lord has surprised me yet again with His extravagant provision! One never knows where or what the accommodations will be like when on mission. The last university mission I participated in, my host was a delightful college student and I spent the week sleeping on her floor. This time around, I am staying in a mansion built in 1915 on the Portland Hill overlooking the city. Our hostess said, “It is our privilege to be able to do this.” So gracious! I am grateful!

Please be praying! More updates and pictures to come!